This is our special promotion page; we only invite people who can take part in special promotions.

This month’s special promotion is a 125*125 banner for only $20 a month and the first month is absolutely free. Normal price is $30 per month and the $20 promotion price will not come back.

You are welcomed to change banner every month or buy as many packages as you like but remember if you cancel the $20 promotion price you will never have that price again.

We will sell this special promotion package as long as we have banner space but we do not think it will last very long. This is a perfect spot to advertise your Thai company!

This is a perfect spot to put affiliate banners for other companies like hotel or dating and we do not mind. As long as the banner have connection with Thailand.

Don’t have banner? We make one for you for only $30, contact us after you signed up!

We reserve the right to decline any advertisements that we do not think fit the Thailand Cash profile.