How do I change my password?

Once you log in, you will see your user name on the top right of the page. Click on your user name. This will take you to the back end of the website.
Click Profile on the left then down to the bottom of the page you will find a section to change your password.

How long does my listing run for?

Your listing will run for 90 days and then be automatically taken off the site. If you want to repeat the listing contact us.

What payment will you accept for listings?

The payment options for our sponsored ads is Paypal and all major credit cards. We also accept and prefer payment by ATM transfer in Thailand.

How do I edit my listing?

You may log in to your profile and change it.

How do I delete my listing?

You can pause your advertisement from the profile page. It will be automatically deleted after 90 days.

How can I submit some feedback on the site?

We love hearing from our users, so any input it great! You can contact us using our contact form or visit our forum by clicking on the link located at the top right.

My advertisement was deleted before 90 days,  why is that?

It can be for a number of reasons

  • Spam
  • Duplicate post
  • Post reported by many users
  • Illegal

If you feel that your advertisement been deleted wrongly you can contact us.

Can I post a URL linking to me or my company?

Yes you can but we would like you to buy one profile advertising at least for your company. You can put information about your company and where it is located. It will show that you are a serious advertiser.

Please link back to us by using our banners and links, it will help your posts as well.

Advertisers that link back to us have a greater and faster approval rate for their posts.

URL that has no relevance with Thailand or you will be deleted and considered spam

How can i avoid scams?

We made a list of things you should think about here, if you think a post is a scam or spam please click on the report button.